Master of Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree em Milão - Itália

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Master of Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Milão
Pós-graduação - Master of Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree - Milão - Itália
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Descrição de Master of Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree
Master of Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree

Master - Milan

The Italian and international business models require practitioners able to tackle the project not only from a technical and productive perspective but, above all, from a strategic and structural point of view. The Master in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product aims to prepare a new generation of designers ready to consider any variable as a design problem, either through an analysis of the market and the needs of contemporary users, either imagining future scenarios, in favor of innovative solutions. Design has become an instrument capable of innovating the strategic objectives of companies. The traditional user-centered (UCD) approach modifies the concept from "designing for" to "designing with" people, adapting today's socio-economic and production system in evolution.

Career opportunities - The Master in Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product prepares practitioners with expertise in the fields of design and innovation, able to enter the role of Designer within the creative/design and strategic/managerial field, design agencies, companies, self-employment and self-production realities and institutions.

Degree title - The course is recognised by MIUR (Ministry for Education, University and Research) as an Academic Master Level I credit rated at 60 credits allowing students to progress further in their studies in Italy or abroad.

  • Credits: 60
  • Start date: January
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Attendance: full-time
  • Language: English


Entry requirements - The Master must include an Honours Degree in the fields of architecture, engineering, design, economics or humanities both for Italian and foreigner students.

Methodology and structure - The philosophy of the course, project and client based, is to lead participants from design thinking methodology towards experimentation and practice.

Based on cross-disciplinary work team, the course enables all participants - through development processes and creative methodologies - to think collectively by sharing their knowledge and know-how and by taking advantage of skills such as critical analysis, problem setting and problem solving, methodological design mastery and experimentation of innovating systems, design management and correct application of design languages.

Each project has a reference Professor carefully chosen for his/her skills in a specific field. Lectures allow participants to face and get in touch with eminent design, economics and business profiles, in order to increase cultural influences to apply to project themes. Strong links with main firms, both Italian and international, enable external knowledge and skills in terms of design, case-studies and business strategies.

The preliminary phases of the Master course covers themes related to design thinking and relevant methodologies: methods and User Centered Design tools. Students then deal with the different phases of the design process, each with differing aims, complexity and objectives. In parallel, a series of nurture courses which support projects through strategy, technology and communication, are aimed at fostering the personal and professional growth of the whole team.

Results of the Final Project are presented at the end of the course and the curricular internship to a commission consisting of industry professionals and experts.



  • Design Methods
  • Design Elements
  • History and Culture
  • Communication - Synthesis and Storytelling
  • Technologies
  • Management & Business
  • Design 1
  • Design 2
  • Design 3
  • Dissertation project
  • Case Study
  • External Visits


Federico Chicco Ferretti - Course coordinator
In over 15 years of experience in companies such as Continuum, Frog, uno:uno and Mattel, he excelled in the creation of innovative concepts, products and services solutions for different international clients such as Allsteel, BIC, GM, Motorola, NEC, Orange, 3M, Pirelli, Philips, Sennheiser and Samsung. For Frog design he was Associate Creative Director, leading the ID team and focusing on the convergence of design and interaction.


The activities in the IT Labs allow the acquisition, both theoretical and practical, of the notions necessary to the completion of the course of the studies. The IT Labs are equipped with OSX and Windows computers, videoprojectors, printers, scanners and graphic pens. Furthermore, they have all the softwares necessary to develop projects and prepare exams. Common spaces located inside the schools have Wi-fi connection.
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