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Master in Design for Virtual Reality
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona
Pós-graduação - Master in Design for Virtual Reality - Barcelona - Espanha
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Descrição de Master in Design for Virtual Reality
Master in Design for Virtual Reality.

  • Edition: 1ª
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Start Date: January 16th 2020
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 6.30pm to 10.40pm
  • Credits: 60*


Immersive Design is changing the digital experiences and the way we learn and create. The Virtual Reality environment needs a multidisciplinary professional able to design creative content and experiences, communicate and manage projects for new immersive technologies and reach audiences using storytelling and audio-visual narratives.

The Master in Design for Virtual Reality prepares a new generation of designers who understand the technological landscape and have a creative vision about the design of experiences and solutions.

Using VR resources students design concepts, develop contents and produce narratives for immersive experiences, environmental installations and virtual reality applications, expanding their knowledge in a dynamic market driven by technology applied to the design of content, products and services.

The Master in Design for Virtual Reality uses digital technologies through the fusion of disciplines of diverse creative expressions that will form the future media to interact in virtual environments that go beyond the passive reception of the user by creating an immersive, communicative, emotional and social experience. These technologies must be understood enough so that designers can create solutions that people are willing to use and buy.


? The Immersive Design program uses digital technologies through the fusion of disciplines of diverse creative expressions that will form the future media to interact in virtual environments that go beyond the passive reception of the user by creating an immersive, communicative, emotional and social experience. These technologies must be understood enough so that designers can create solutions that people are willing to use and buy.

? The contents of the program encourage the candidates to be a protagonist in the design process and explore how cutting-edge technologies can change the way we interact with each other and our environment, giving them tools that allow them to tackle the great challenges of our society. These contents are designed to transmit specific domains in professional practice and Virtual Reality.

? The program exposes students to new digital methods and tools related to audiovisual exploration and prepares them for career opportunities related to the digital world. The Master includes technical sessions on project development and practical execution, as well as applied theoretical sessions in which a key issue is chosen to integrate the knowledge acquired.

? A comprehensive knowledge base is provided to support the student?s ambitions by giving them the tools to develop future professional projects.


The methodology of the course will strengthen the intangible values in the design thinking of the project and specifically in the following points:

? Actively involve students in their own learning to increase knowledge retention.

? Teach students to design a conceptual framework and develop problem solving skills.

? Transmit a narrative and technological way of thinking to the design process.

? Teach to create immersive experiences through design and technological tools.

? Promote discussions among students and collaborative activities.

? Introduce students to events and lectures to meet professionals from all over the world and make connections between them.

? Encourage students to experience storytelling and immersion in varied, interesting and enjoyable ways.

? Evaluate students understanding at frequent intervals throughout the learning process.

Student Profile:

The candidates for the Master in Design for Virtual Reality must have a deep curiosity to explore the creative limits directed by current technologies, have previous academic or professional experience with the field of design, audio-visual or technological and a desire to combine this specialization with their own interests.

The Master in Design for Virtual Reality is a unique opportunity for Graphic Designers, Multimedia and Interaction Designers, Animators, Motion Graphics designers, Digital Artists, Digital Product Designers, Interior Designers, Architects and related profiles, to explore creative uses of Virtual Reality for professional and practical high-end purposes demand in the market.

Job Opportunities:

There are many opportunities for students in the fields of Experience and Interface Design, Information Architecture and Project Management in industry, agencies and research.

The professional opportunities for the graduates present a wide range in the market, such as VR Storyteller; Content Director for VR Platforms; Project Manager for XR/VR contents and products; Exhibition and Event Experience Designer; Developer and Designer of simulations

in Architecture or Design studio; Creative and VR Specialist in an Animation, Post-production (FX) or Gaming Studio; XR Product Designer in Companies of the ICT sector (Information and Communications Technology) and XR Designer for Interactive Agencies and commercial applications.


Mery Glez.

Since her childhood, she has traveled and lived in different countries of the world, which has given her an international cultural vision. In the last 10 years, she has partnered with designers, developers and marketers to plan and iterate upon smart audiovisual contents for museums, exhibitions, fairs, products and Mixed Reality experiences.

She deals with video projections on buildings, interactivity, AR and VR and video productions for events, festivals, fashion and brands. Her goal is to make everyone feel like an explorer and make each theme, concept or location an adventure of discovering.

She participates in giving inputs in all phases of production as Project Manager in Digital Innovation at Digital Storytellers, a multidisciplinary studio composed of an international team. Co-founder of GEOGAMING, a Gaming and APP studio, winner of a European Grant for the development and application of new technologies.

Expert in Education and Creative Industries at the European Commission. She studied at SVA ? School of Visual Arts in New York and she is graduated by the FabLab in Digital Fabrication and Electronics from MIT. She teaches at the IED in Milan and Barcelona at the Visual Communication Department. Regularly participates in projects as a visual artist with Out Of Format collective.
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