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Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management
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15.600 euros
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Descrição de Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management
If brand management and how to develop a fashion collection are your source of inspiration, this Master is the source of your competitive advantage.

The Master in Fashion Direction :  Brand & Product Management is aimed to train those professionals who are able to manage the fashion product and collection, since the moment immediately after its creation, up to its marketing and retailing. This professional figure, call it ?Fashion Product Manager? but also ?Line Builder?, is the one in charge of assessing the architecture of a fashion collection and ensuring the correct development of the fashion product. That?s why this figure is considered an ?hybrid?, combining interdisciplinary skills in fashion management, with a deep understanding of fashion design tools and practices.

And not only this; the Master in Brand & Product Management aims to introduce students to the compelling art and science of brand management, with a particular emphasis on luxury brands. How is it possible to design the brand strategy? From the knowledge and management of the brand language, to the line building of a collection and the business strategy. 

WARM UP ? 40 hours
Educational activities aimed at providing an instrumental and basic training, through the learning of tools, techniques, methodologies and the use of specific software and applications,. These activities enable participants to fill the eventual gaps with reference to the background studies they carried out previously. Warm up courses can be attended entirely or partially, depending on the profile of the individual participants. They are organized in lectures and exercises and there is no final test.

Lessons aimed at acquiring quantitative and design tools, through the use of Excel, Indesign and Photoshop softwares too. These instruments will be preparatory to the understanding of the processes that characterizes fashion companies as well as contents of specialized courses, according to the specific Master. Educational activities include basic lessons and advanced training in relation to the background of the student.

Educational activities aimed to the formation of specific competences in managing key processes identified by the three functional and professional areas of the master. They are carried out through lectures and direct testimony from professionals and each module has a final assessment exam through a written test or the presentation of a project by the students. 

Educational activities aimed to the formation of specific competences in managing key processes identified by the three functional and professional areas of the master. They are carried out through lectures and direct testimony from professionals and each module has a final assessment exam through a written test or the presentation of a project by the students. 

CURIOSITY ? 30 hours
Hints about the cultural and social evolution of fashion, with in-depth and inter-disciplinary analysis over the most important Italian brands. Specific attention will also be dedicated to some significant contemporary phenomena as global trends, the hybridization of styles, the new pattern of production and consumption like the ethical fashion, the innovative ways of communication related to new media.

Teaching activities aimed at the practical application of the skills previously learned, inside business environments and real case studies. They consist of: field project, empowerment & career management, company visits, curricular internship:

FIELD PROJECTS ? 278 hours
Educational activities aimed at field testing the competences and skills learned during the previous courses, through team-projects that involve groups of students working on real topics agreed with companies. The activity is performed in the classroom under the supervision of teachers and tutors and companies are strongly involved in the initial brief and final evaluation.

The course aims to introduce students to the rules beyond internships in Italian companies. More specifically it aims to enhance student?s experience both in terms of orientation and first contact with the Italian labour market.
To this end, students will be supported in: 1) the analysis of their own competencies; 2) writing CVs and motivation letters; 3) understanding internships regulations and contracts; 4) searching internship offers; 5) preparing for an interview; 6) and, finally, in choosing among different options.

INTERNSHIP ? 480 hours
Education activities for the development of relational skills of students and the preparation ot their entry into the professional environment. They include a period of compulsory internship in qualified business realities, during at least three months, organized by the MFI under the supervision of one company tutor and the academic tutor.

Fashion Pillars (common courses)

Courses are:
? Project Management
? Italian Fashion System
? Fashion Business Models
? Fashion History
? Fashion Marketing & Brand Management
? Research Methods & Trends

Courses include lectures, exercise sessions and final exams.

Fashion Processes (Master in Brand & Product Management)
? Brand Design
? Fabrics and Materials
? Family Products & Pricing
? Product Design
? Communication Design
? Brand & Product Management Process

Fashion Processes (Master in Brand & Business Management)

Courses are:
? Fashion Business Management
? Omnichannel Strategy
? Sales Management
? Seamless Experience and Store Design
? Contemporary CRM
? Merchandising and Buying
? Digital Fashion
? Round Tables: open debates on key topics

Fashion Processes (Master in Brand & Communication Management)

Courses are:
? Brand Communication Strategies
? Fashion Images and Advertising
? Press & PR
? Event Management
? Social Media Management
? Digital Fashion
? Fashion Lab

Courses include lectures, exercise sessions and final exams.

Fashion Practices (common courses)

Courses are:
? Field Projects
? Empowerment & Career Management
? Italian Language


All courses are in English Language. The Master fee is equal to 15.600?, payable in 4 installments during the year.

In order to apply for the admission to the Milano Fashion Institute Master Programs, the candidate must have:
1. Degree equal to or higher than a Bachelor of Art, Master of Art or Master of Science. It is not necessary to have previously attended a fashion related course.
2. Intermediate level of English knowledge. Certifications are not required. The knowledge of the language will be tested during the interview with the Academic Committee.

Milano Fashion Institute provides several scholarships (EUR 7.800,00 each) which cover the half of the Master fee. The results of the attribution process are communicated before the start of the course. All scholarships are attributed by merit (your CV, motivation, etc) and by income bracket.

Curricular internship: minimum 3 months up to maximum 6 months.
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